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COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

Most of the business we conduct in this office is within the two-metre physical distancing recommendation. We have taken steps to minimize the risk to staff and patients. By entering, you implicitly acknowledge that you are satisfied with the measures we have taken to ensure your safety. We are pleased to help you and thank you for your cooperation with our protective protocols.

Changes for your safety and ours

  • Our doors are open to minimize touch points.
  • If you are dropping off or picking up at the front desk, there is a tray for your glasses.
  • Our front desk is now behind plexiglass. Please do not pass this point (see floor markers) without checking in.
  • Our Point-of-Sales machine is sanitized after each use.

Safety protocols to pass front desk

  • Use of a mask
  • Use of our hand wash station
  • COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • Non-contact temperature check

Eye exams

  • Each room has been sanitized prior to your arrival: equipment, chairs, and counters.
  • Staff have washed their hands, and are wearing face masks and eye shields.
  • Our waiting room has been removed. Please stay in the exam room.
  • Please come in alone unless you need a support assistant.
  • Please minimize the items you bring with you (bags, water bottles, etc.)
  • If you wish you try on glasses, let us know, and a staff member will help you.
  • Close proximity and some touch is required for examination.

Selecting glasses

  • All of the frames on display have been sanitized.
  • Dispensing stations have been relocated to allow distancing, and shields are used.
  • Please practice physical distancing and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Place every frame you touch in the tray provided.
  • Please be respectful by limiting how many frames you try on.